Welcome to the website VitykSoft!

All programs presented on this site are authorized by Victor Nashylov
under the brand name VitykSoft.

Currently, this site presents  the programs: "FileTransporter", "Dates Intervals",
"IPTV Player" and a game for the ZX Spectrum platform "Overtaken".

Other programs will be added later, for testing.
Version 1.7

1. Fixed bugs when working with FTP servers.
2. Slightly modified program interface.
3. Bug fixes found.

Version 1.6

1. Added hotkey support.
2. Changed display of error log tab data (old errors log is not compatible with new one).
3. The "/" symbol in the FTP server address is automatically added (in the absence thereof).
4. Fixed bugs found.

Version 1.5

1. Added the ability to work with FTP servers.
2. Added a list of files in the destination folder.
3. Added the ability to send error messages to E-Mail.
4. Changes made to the program interface.
5. Changed how to save the application settings (user.config file).
6. Fixed bugs found.

Version 1.4

1. The number of active tasks has been increased to ten.
2. Now the program at startup will open the tab with the last open task in the previous session.
3. When applying the program to the system tray and hovering the cursor over the program icon, a prompt with information on the number of active tasks, the number of copied and moved files will be displayed.
4. The program menu is added when it is applied to the system tray.
5. Added the ability to save and restore program settings.
6. Changed the structure of the system file configuration (file user.config).
7. Fixed bugs found.

Version 1.3

1. Paths to destination folders and outgoing folders can now be set directly in the path string.
2. In the monitoring and statistics window, a visual indication of the modes of working with files and timers for each task has been added.
3. Redesigned program interface.
4. Fixed errors found.
5. Optimized program code.

Version 1.2

1. Added an error log.
2. Fixed bugs found.

Version 1.1

1. Added the ability to copy files.
2. Added the possibility to overwrite files with the same names.
3. Added panel monitoring and statistical processes.
4. Added the possibility to stop all tasks simultaneously.
5. Added English and Russian localizations.
6. Program acquired the Shareware status. Now, the program is distributed as a demo version with limited functionality (one executable task), which can be activated with a special key to get the full version.
7. Added the option to enter a comment for each task.

Version 1.0

1. The first release of the program. The program was intended only for personal use.
Version 2.4

1. The language of calendars has been fixed. (To make changes, the program must be restarted due to the properties of the Windows operating system).
2. Save the application settings (terms and number of calendars).
3. Changes made to the program interface.

Version 2.3

1. Added English and Russian localization.
2. The maximum term is up to 3650 days and the minimum period is up to -3650 days.

Version 1.0 - 2.2

1. The most recent releases of the program. The program was intended only for its own use.
Version 1.2

1. Fixed a bug when working with Windows 10 (64 bit).
2. Minor changes to the program code.

Version 1.1

1. Fixed a problem with the screen zoom in Windows 10.
2. You can change the size of the application window arbitrarily.
3. Changes made to the program interface.

Version 1.0

1. The first release of the program.
The program "FileTransporter" designed for file operations (copying and transfer) to set selection criteria (file extension) and the execution interval (time repeat surgery).
Key features:
1. To copy or transfer files to ten tasks simultaneously.
Criteria operations with files:
- "Source folder" - folder where files will be transferred, and "Destination Folder" - a folder where files will be transferred;
- File extensions;
- Copy or transfer files;
- Overwriting files with the same name;
- The possibility to create destination folder subfolders with names - file creation dates. This file will be recorded in this newly created subfolder of "the destination".

2. The possibility of working with FTP servers is realized.

3. Selecting the "Startup Programs" to launch the program with the launch of the operating system.
To work correctly with full-featured version of the program, it must be run with Administrator rights!

4. Ability to pay program to the system tray (near the clock at the bottom right of the screen), and the program will run in the background.

5. Select a language program. Available in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

6. Cleaning (reset) the number of copied (transferred) files.

7. Reset program settings to the default settings.

8. Running tasks is done separately for each task.

9. In the demo is only one task to perform without limitations in functionality. In the registered version is available while six tasks that can be done simultaneously.

10. In order to prevent damage to the operating system and installed programs, files, the program prohibited transactions with folders: C:\, C:\Windows\, C:\Program Files\, C:\Program Files (x86)\. True these restrictions do not apply to subfolders of these directories. So working with these folders, if necessary, should be very careful!

11. Access to some folders is only possible if you start as an Administrator.

12. All changes to the program settings are saved automatically.
The program "Dates Intervals" is designed to count the intervals of days according to the given criterion (number of days).
                          Drawing 1                                                                                                   Drawing 2

Basic possibilities of the program:

1. Possibility to represent 1 calendar (gets out when saying nothing at opening of the program) (see Drawing 1) or 2 calendars (see Drawing 2).

2. A count is to two intervals separately (it is determined by the program setting).

3. Possibility to copy the intervals in a clipboard in a format: DD.MM.YYYY - DD.MM.YYYY for each calendar separately, where:

DD is a day, MM is a month, YYYY is a year, or each date separately.

4. Possibility to propose a present date in calendars.

5. Possibility to propose an initial date as the eventual date of the previous count of intervals in calendars.

6. Possibility to override the reflection of one or two calendars.

7. Possibility to represent a program window over other windows.

8. Terms can be set in limits from - 3650 a to 3650 twenty-four hours inclusive (except 0). Terms are less zero, necessary for the count of running intervals of twenty-four hours.

9. The terms accepted in the program: 1 month - 30 days, 2 months - 60 days, 3 months - 90 days, 4 months - 120 days, 6 months - 180 days, 9 months - 270 days, 1 year - 365 days, 2 years - 730 days, 3 years - 1095 days, 4 years - 1460 days, 5 years - 1825 days, 10 years - 3650 days.

10. All terms entered outside the allowed interval are replaced by the maximum allowed. Dialed in non-digital format automatically reset to zero.

11. Status of the program - Freeware.

Key features of the program:

1. Watch online video streaming using IPTV technology.

2. Support for playlists in m3u and m3u8 formats.

3. Select playlist encoding formats (default, UTF8 and Unicode).

4. Ability to search IPTV channel by name.

5. Available full-screen and in-screen video viewing through the ToolBar menu and double-click on the video screen.

6. Ability to hide playlist while playing video.

7. Program status - Freeware.

WARNING! For the program to work, it is necessary that the system has installed a VLC media player program that can be downloaded from the Internet. The site address of the program:
IPTV Player is designed to watch IPTV channels over the Internet.
The game "Overtaken" for the ZX Spectrum platform.
A small instruction on the program.
This game is an analogue of a logical-board game.

The rules of the game: you need to go through one round with all four chips and place four chips hardly diagonally near your base.
You can play from one to four players.
Players roll the dice alternately. When the number 6 drops out, you can put your chip on the field.
If during the course of a move, one chip becomes on the field, which is occupied by another player's chip, then that chip is removed from the playing field to the base.
When the number 6 falls out - the player makes another move.
If there is an opportunity to make several moves, then you need to move through the lists with the keys Q - up and A - down.

The game was written back in 1993 in BASIC, and then compiled into machine codes.
Unfortunately, the source code of the program is lost forever :(, therefore, it is not possible to upgrade the program.
This concerns the addition of one or two computers to the game as rivals.
Version number Version type Download
1.7 Installer
1.7 Portable
1.6 Portable
1.5 Portable
1.4 Portable
1.3 Portable
1.2 Portable
1.1 Portable
IPTV Player
1.2 Portable
1.1 Portable
1.0 Portable
Dates Intervals
2.4 Portable
2.3 Portable
Overtaken ()
1.0 The .TAP format
Currently, to purchase the full versionFileTransporter, you will need to contact the author via E-Mail.
Following an agreement between the two parties after purchasing the program, the seller will create an invoice using the service, which is then sent to the email address of the buyer.
The buyer will need to pay to a specified account.
Alternatively, you can simply transfer money to a bank card number, which will be told to the seller.
After the transaction, the buyer will be required to report the date and the time of the transaction.
The seller will check the information specified by the buyer in the case of a successful payment of money, the buyer will also send his E-Mail address
for the registered program.

The maximum time for receiving the key to the program after being notified of the payment is7days.
The cost of a license forFileTransporteris15 US $.
For individuals and legal entities of Ukraine, as an option, you may pay in UAH according to NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) rate.
With questions about the acquisition of licenses for the program, working with the program author, bugs and suggestions for improving the program, please contact us by E-mail:

Victor Nashylov, Ukraine, city Khmelnitsky / city Ternopil.